Bio Router Sticker - Pack of 6 Stickers

Bio Router Sticker - Pack of 6 Stickers

A composite bioreporter is a new-generation energy harmonizer that neutralizes harmful information of all types of electromagnetic radiation, and mental and behavioral disorders.

It harmoniously combines the three most important regeneration technologies: galvanic treatment, treatment with crystal stones, and metallic treatment. This device embodies epigenetic protection of the body, restoring a person's aura, increasing protective properties, and cleaning the body's energy channels.

It also harmonizes the parameters in the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  The composite bioreporter works independently to restore harmony and information components of the immune systems and the body's genetic information. It is useful for people suffering from diseases of the excretory system, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, neurotrophic diseases, and sleep disorders, as well as a means of combating stressful situations and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Additionally, it can help with asthma, hypertension, allergies, headaches, prostatitis, uterine fibroids, decreased energy levels, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), spinal hernia, and quick recovery in cases of strokes and heart attacks.
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