The vision of heaven

Vision of Heaven - to heal people using water
Welcome to the Skym site, the place where water becomes life. At Heaven, our vision is both simple and profound: to heal people through living water. Our vision consists of three main principles: water revitalization, consciousness-based healing and the use of precious metals such as copper, silver and gold.
Water resuscitation
At Heaven, we believe that water is not just a liquid - it is life. Through unique and innovative processes, we return to water its vitality and natural energy. Our process is based on ancient principles from the Torah and modern science, and combines them perfectly.
Mindfulness based healing
Consciousness is a powerful force that can affect the body and mind. We in heaven harness this power to create a holistic healing experience. Our water is designed to increase the connection between mind and body, and allow a deeper and more meaningful healing process.
Use of precious metals
Following the mitzvot of the copper sink and the copper snake from the days of the Torah, we use precious metals such as copper, silver and gold in the processes of purifying and improving the water. These metals are considered to have healing properties, and we utilize them to enhance the healing power of our water.
Heaven's uniqueness
Shamim is the first company in the world engaged in the development of personal water, personalized for each person according to his unique needs. The combination between ancient knowledge and innovative technology allows us to create a unique product that cannot be compared. Our water is not only a source of life - it is a deep and personal healing experience intended for every person, regardless of who they are.
We at Heaven believe that our water can change lives. Join us for a healing and exciting vision, and let our water give you the health and vitality you deserve

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