Silver, a precious and desirable metal since ancient times, is known not only for its beauty and monetary value but also for its health benefits. Over the years, different ways have been discovered to use money to improve health, and one of the most prominent combinations is with water. In this article we will examine the health benefits of silver, its uses in combination with water, as well as review studies and discoveries related to the subject.
Silver has been used for hundreds of years to prevent and treat a variety of diseases, as well as to heal skin wounds, thanks to its excellent properties for eliminating free radicals, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. In 1990, silver was introduced in colloidal form (i.e. silver particles, AgNPs) in ointments that could be applied to open wounds to kill bacteria and promote wound healing through their strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. AgNPs are currently used in various medical devices, consumer products and medicines including bandages, wound dressings and ointments
frequencies of money
Silver has energetic frequencies that attribute to it additional healing properties. It is possible that these frequencies help match the body's natural energy, thus promoting general health and balance.
The health benefits of money
Antimicrobial activity
One of the most prominent advantages of silver is its ability to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. The silver ions cause damage to the microbial cells, which leads to their death. This ability makes the money especially useful in medical fields and in the hospital, for disinfecting medical equipment and treating infections.
Wound healing
Studies have shown that using bandages or ointments containing silver ions can speed up the healing process of wounds and burns. The silver ions prevent infection and promote cell renewal, which leads to faster recovery.
Immune system support
Using colloidal water containing tiny silver particles may strengthen the immune system. Colloidal silver is claimed to allow the body to fight infections more effectively.
Effectiveness in cases of cancer
Studies have proven the effectiveness of silver as a chemopreventive agent against skin carcinogenesis caused by UVB radiation, by significantly reducing the extent of apoptosis caused by UVB radiation in blood cells.
The combination of water and money
structured/living water
Structured water, also known as living water, is water that is considered energetic and close in its natural structure to the water found in nature. Combining such water with silver ions can increase the health benefits of both. Structured water can improve the absorption of silver ions in the body and enhance their positive effect.
Studies on colloidal silver
Many studies have been conducted on the health effects of colloidal silver. A 2013 study found that colloidal silver can be used as a natural antibiotic in some cases. Another 2015 study demonstrated colloidal silver's ability to eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Combination with structured water
Combining structured water with silver indicates that the combination may offer significant health benefits, especially in the area of ​​healing and improving immunity.
" Blue blood" and the origin of the phrase
The phrase "blue blood" refers to nobility and royalty, and it stems from the historical habit of using silverware for eating and drinking. In the past, noblemen would use silverware, thus regularly exposing their bodies to silver ions. This led to lighter, bluer skin due to the silver's contact with the blood, giving them the nickname "blue blood".
Using silver, especially in combination with water, offers many health benefits. From the ability to fight germs to boosting the immune system, silver continues to be a powerful tool in healthcare. It is important to continue to research the issue and consult with medical professionals before using the money for health needs.
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