(EMFs Electromagnetic fields are around us all the time, whether it's from household appliances, mobile phones or from natural sources like the sun.
The effect of these fields on human health arouses interest and ongoing scientific research
In this article we will examine the effect of electromagnetic fields on health, the relationship between these fields and structured water, and the possible ways to use water, copper and consciousness to create a healing electromagnetic field
Scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields
Many studies have examined the effects of electromagnetic fields on health. A comprehensive study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found a link between exposure to electromagnetic fields and various health problems, including fatigue, headaches, and sleep disorders.
Another study conducted by the WHO raised concerns about prolonged exposure to these fields and their possible effect on the development of cancer
The relationship between electromagnetic fields and structured water
Structured water, also known as living water, is water whose molecules are arranged in an organized and stable manner, similar to the water found in nature. This water can have a positive effect on health by improving the absorption of water in the body and helping to maintain electrolyte balance. Studies have shown that structured water can affect the ability of electromagnetic fields to exert harmful effects on the body -Journal of Water Health The harms of exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as fatigue and weakness
The ability to create an electromagnetic field with healing abilities is a fascinating topic that includes the use of structured water, copper and consciousness. Copper, as an excellent conductor, can be used to create circuits and small magnetic fields. When you combine the structured water, which is considered an excellent conductor of energy, with a consciousness aimed at healing, you can create an energetic environment that positively affects health
Studies and theories
Studies on the effects of awareness and consciousness on matter, including water, have been published by scientists such as Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has shown how thoughts and emotions can affect the structure of water. The combination of structured copper and water with conscious intention creates the potential for healing electromagnetic fields.
The impact of electromagnetic fields on human health is an important and fascinating topic, with studies pointing to potential risks as well as treatment and health improvement options. The structured water offers a possible way to deal with the harmful effects of these fields, and the combination of water, copper and consciousness offers an innovative approach to creating healing electromagnetic fields.
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