Healthy water is the secret for a Fulfilling Life

Our bodies were created to drink water from nature. Shammaim strives to bring nature's abundant supply of water back to our homes

  • Water in nature flows freely and creates waterfalls

  • Water in nature is nourished by the sun and starlight

  • Water in nature is enriched with minerals from the Earth

Experience High Vitality and Booster Your Natural Immune System with Shammaim Upper Water!

Rich in copper, silver, and gold energy that does not cause scaling


Sophia model

Shammaim is a water system based on an ancient method mentioned in the Bible, combined with modern technology. Made of 99% pure copper and special magnets to change the electromagnetic frequency of the water

Shammaim is a water system that is installed in the main water connection in the house and gives live water to all the taps in the house. Made of quality local materials, and the only one in Israel that does not require regular maintenance

Shammaim model "Sophia"

Revolutionary Method for Improving Water Quality

  • Crystals

    Enriching the water with crystals that rebuild the bonds between the water molecules, as in nature.

  • Valuable Metals

    These metals have many advantages, such as treating infections and bacteria, revitalizing cells, and conducting electricity.

  • Vortex

    The circulation of the water utilizes a unique technology that causes the water to generate energy autonomously.

It's time to start taking care of yourself

Everything Begins With Water