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Shammaim Sophia: the revolutionary device for revitalizing water in your home! Forget about cumbersome devices and expensive filters! Sophia is the perfect solution to enjoy healthy and tasty water at every faucet in the house. What makes Sophia special? Innovative technology: Sophia combines four unique technologies for revitalizing water: vortex-shaped water circulation, use of special magnets, precious metals and crystals. Healthy water with a natural structure: Sophia changes the water molecules and returns them to the natural structure of natural water, just like water that flows from a natural spring. Treatment of every faucet in the house: the device is installed on the central clock and connects to the entire plumbing system in the house, so that you can enjoy healthy water at every faucet. Proven health benefits: studies show that Sophia can strengthen the immune system, increase alertness and focus, aid digestion, reduce muscle pain, revive skin cells, soften hair, reduce attacks of chronic diseases, relieve anxiety and even reduce the use of antidepressants. Economical: Sophia does not require connection to electricity, maintenance or replacement of filters, which makes it an economical solution over time. Unique Israeli design: Sophia is manufactured in Israel by hand assembly using quality materials and a luxurious finish. Full warranty: Sophia comes with a 10-year warranty and a generous return policy. Order Sofia today and enjoy healthy and delicious water at every tap in the house! Price: 14,400 NIS including VAT and assembly Payment options: 12 equal payments by credit card

Water Workshop- Companies

Water Workshop- Companies

What aren't they telling you about water

Personal 90-minute Zoom Workshop 

Water comprises more than 70% of the human body and is responsible for transporting all substances within it

Our bodies were designed to drink living water, as it was found in nature before man "spoiled" the environment. This water had a flow (waterfalls and whirlpools), was nourished by the sun and starlight, and received minerals from the earth that had been formed over hundreds and thousands of years. The water that reaches our taps today has gone through chemical processes to clean it, but in doing so, they also remove beneficial elements, turning it into "empty and dead" water devoid of energy. In Israel, this problem is even more serious than in other countries since 80% of our drinking water is desalinated. When the body receives poor-quality water, it must devote a great deal of its resources to adjusting it for use; this can lead to fatigue, obesity, accelerated aging, and a weakened immune system

Nice to meet you! We are transforming the water in your home into natural water from heaven. Our vision is to cure the various ailments that modern life creates in us, and we have the innovative technology to do so




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