What toxic metals may be in the water and is the concern real
The main concern is the presence of lead in the water, which is considered a toxic metal beyond a certain amount defined in the water standard established by the Ministry of Environment/Health
More than a decade ago there were several cases where lead was found in water, but in recent years it is very, very rare.
There is no 100% security, but despite all the problems there are and there are in the public water system in Israel, it is being solved all the time
Deuterium - nuclear waste
There is a worldwide problem of nuclear waste also known as heavy water/ deuterium that can be found in water.
The danger is more tangible in the vicinity of medical centers where chemotherapy treatments and various radioactive tests are performed, such as Sheba.
To the best of our knowledge, there is no technology today that solves this. So it is important to understand that heaven is an excellent system
But does not solve 100 percent of the problems yet.
Drug and hormone residues
In addition, there are residues of hormones and drugs in the water that the state does not remove nor does it really inform the public. We believe that copper solves part of the problem but we have no scientific research to back it up yet.
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