80% of the drinking water in the state of Israel originates from desalinated water that the state, through a series of desalination facilities, drew from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea and underwent a process that is a kind of reverse osmosis that the state performs for the citizens in the various desalination facilities.

This means that you don't actually need reverse osmosis unless the local water corporation has put things into the water that must be removed (not very likely) for example: if there is fluorine that should not already be in the water then there are purification facilities that will remove it from the water

Cost - benefit - advantages and disadvantages

The significant advantage of reverse osmosis is that if there is dirt in the water pipes, it will take care of it. On the other hand, its disadvantage is breaking the molecules of the water and removing the natural minerals from the water.

There are reverse osmosis installations on the market that include a mineralizer at an additional cost, which they claim introduces new minerals into the water. There is a dispute as to whether our body even knows how to absorb minerals that are not directly from the earth.

 People who are very bothered by a possible dirt or lead problem can

order a laboratory test for a kitchen faucet at a cost ranging from 500 to 1000 NIS from their water corporation

Our water expert who will take samples from several faucets in the customer's home, locate problems that a normal laboratory test does not detect and give a detailed report if it is necessary to install an additional filter on top of the sky and a price quote for its purchase and installation

The cost is NIS 2600 for such a test

What happens if the customer already has a reverse osmosis faucet under the kitchen sink?

 If the device is connected with a Nefard faucet, you can leave it on and test for yourself the different taste obtained from water from the sky compared to water that has undergone reverse osmosis

Osmosis reduces the build-up of water produced by Shemmy's technology and is therefore less recommended

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