The influence of music on water: the ennobling and destructive effects of sounds



Every moment a person is surrounded by millions of sounds of different tones and types. Some of them help him navigate in space, others he enjoys purely aesthetically, and others he doesn’t notice at all.

But over thousands of years, we have learned not only to create musical masterpieces, but also destructive sound effects. Today the topic “the influence of music on water” has been studied to a certain extent, and it will be very interesting to learn something about the mysterious world of energy and substances.

Experimental discoveries: music changes the nature of water

Today, many people know the name of the Japanese scientist Emoto Masaru, who wrote the book “The Message of Water” in 1999. This work brought him worldwide fame and inspired many scientists for further research.

The book describes a number of experiments that confirm that under the influence of music, water changes its structure – the type of molecule. To do this, the scientist placed a glass of ordinary water between two speakers, from which the sounds of certain pieces of music emanated. After this, the liquid was frozen, which made it possible to subsequently examine under a microscope the order in which the molecule was built from atoms. The results amazed the whole world: the influence of music on water of positive content creates regular, clear crystals, each face of which is subject to certain laws.

Also, a snowflake of water can show the content of the melody itself and convey the mood of the composer. Thus, Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” contributed to the formation of a beautiful structure that resembles rays in the form of bird feathers. Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 allows you to clearly see not only the beauty of the great composer’s work, but also his unbridled lifestyle. After the sound of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” you can admire the water crystals for a long time, conveying the beauty of summer, autumn, spring and winter.

Along with melodies that bring beauty, love and gratitude, the influence of negative music on water was studied. The result of such experiments were crystals of irregular shape, which also showed the meaning of sounds and words directed at the liquid.

Cause of changes in water structure

Why does water change its structure under the influence of music? And can new knowledge be used for the benefit of humanity? Atomic analysis of water helped to understand these issues.

Masaru Emoto is of the opinion that the order of molecules is determined by an energy source called “Hado”. This term means a certain wave of vibrations of the electrons of the nucleus of an atom. The magnetic resonance field is observed where there is Hado. Therefore, such a vibrational frequency can be described as a magnetic resonance region, which is a type of electromagnetic wave. Actually, musical tonality is the energy that affects water.

Knowing the properties of water, a person can change its structure with the help of music. Thus, classical, religious, benevolent motifs form clear, elegant crystals. The use of such water can improve a person’s health and change his life towards well-being and prosperity. Loud, harsh, meaningless, rattling, aggressive and chaotic sounds have a detrimental effect on everything around us that consists of liquid.



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