The technology of heaven

Shamim is an Israeli start-up with a unique technology developed in Israel and manufactures in Israel each and every device that is assembled by hand

Shemmy is a water system based on an ancient method mentioned in the Bible, combined with modern technology made of 99% pure copper that uses a special dizzying tube with Vortex technology which was first developed by the Austrian inventor Victor Scharberger

In addition to swirling the water through the unique tube that allows the water to charge itself with energy as water does in nature, we use another 40 elements to create a copper box that simulates a mini cosmos and contains the frequencies of the materials that water enjoys in nature

Using powerful medical magnets that change the water to more basic

Use of crystals - the 12 breastplate stones

Using shungite stone to absorb electromagnetic radiation

Use of water ionization

Using pure silver and gold ionization

Connecting a built-in water source

Using energetic letters and symbols for inspiration

How the technology works

Opening every faucet in the house transfers every drop that comes from the municipal water corporation to the construction and improvement station in the " Sofia " device

Before you use the water, a change in the electro-magnetic charge and loading of beneficial health information takes place

Simple installation

Sigal Geshori

For the past six years I have been researching the effects of water on the human body. My teacher and rabbi, the late Rami Vidra, was the first to provide me with information about the connection between water and healing

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