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You cannot be healthy if your water is unhealthy


Troubled Water: What's Wrong with What We Drink quickly became one of the most talked about – and controversial – books among water officials, engineers, public health experts, and the large number of everyday citizens concerned about the quality of their drinking water. 

Troubled Water makes the startling – but true – statement that just because your drinking water meets all federal drinking water standards does not mean it is safe to drink. That is because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the government agency responsible for assuring the quality of our drinking water, has failed to keep up with contaminants found in what comes out of our taps. With thousands of chemicals in commerce getting into drinking water, only a few dozen are regulated by the EPA. Even more shocking, with potentially grievous consequences, not a single new contaminant has been singled out for EPA regulation in nearly 25 years.

Along with this indictment of bipartisan government failure, Troubled Water lays out a plan for what needs to be done to get everyone water that is safe and affordable.

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