The effects of electromagnetic fields on humans An electromagnetic field cannot be seen, heard, or felt. Fields of different frequencies interact with the body in different ways.

One can imagine electromagnetic waves as a series of very regular waves that travel at enormous speed, the speed of light.

These waves are oscillating electric and magnetic fields that interact in different ways with different biological systems such as cells, plants, animals and human beings.

All the cells of the body are under the influence of electromagnetic fields which have the potential to either keep the body in good health or cause disease.

The experiment with the guinea pigs demonstrates that cells may get unhealthy or, on the contrary, heal depending on the electromagnetic field in which they usually live.

The chromosomes and the mitochondria in the cells act as "oscillating circular circuits," that vibrate electrically due to the stimuli of electromagnetic, cosmic, atmospheric and telluric waves. In turn, the biological systems are effective generators of electromagnetic oscillations: since we are made up of atoms in constant motion, we continue to emit radiant waves in a range of multiple frequencies.

The human body may indeed be considered as a fluent, electrodynamic and interactive energy field.

This concept is revolutionizing the way we look at health and disease. They can no longer be understood only in terms of organs and tissues. In addition to the traditional point of view that is exclusively mechanical and chemical, it is imperative that we take electromagnetic fields into account as well.

Pathologies that at first may appear to be a structural molecular anomaly of the body, in fact reflect the interference of the electromagnetic web that controls the molecular traffic.

Consequently, there are two possible therapeutic approaches:

1. To intervene directly at the chemical level, by providing the body with the chemicals necessary to remove the anomalies of the molecular structure.

2. To intervene at the electromagnetic level by removing the ailment that disrupts the molecular traffic. Given this premise, the living organism may be conceived of as an authentic generator of electro-magnetic waves in a spectrum of frequencies, ranging from a few Hz to the ultra-violet, crossed by a multitude of coded signals that are hierarchically issued from the nervous system or, more precisely, from the cerebral cortex, and then spread to all the other components of the body.

These electromagnetic fields are aimed at steadily providing information to the various subsystems that are appointed to various functions and, consequently, they may operate co-ordinately.

The living system "reads" the information that is useful to maintain its homeostasis, by means of the phenomenon of resonance, which is the basis by which all living organisms operate (see box on resonance phenomenon).

Thanks to the resonance phenomenon, the pulsed exterior electromagnetic fields operate on the organs themselves.

The effects of the resonance are present in the organism to the full extent of the electromagnetic spectrum every time there is coherence between the incidental impulses and the informative situation of the organism itself.

The organism will respond to this form of communication, more or less intensively, according to the multiple conditions that are present. Pathology is present when the resonance does not take place. Pathologies that, at first, appear to be a structural molecular anomaly of the body, are in fact an interference of the electromagnetic web that controls the molecular traffic.

A particular form of resonance takes place in the membranes of the cells, through which the ions' traffic between the inside of the cell and the exterior environment is controlled. It is proven that a correct functioning of the cellular metabolism is due to a constant "dialogue" of ions on both sides of the membranes: this effect is possible if the potential of the membrane is between 70 mV and 90 mV.

What does it mean? In verbal communication, phrases make it possible to transmit and to receive information that induces a coherent reply in the interlocutor. Similarly "the electromagnetic sentences" may induce coherent chemical answers in the organism.

This uninterrupted dialogue between the chemical and the electromagnetic levels produces a coherent answer which is translated into a specific biological effect. Particularly, the dialogue that is established at low-intensity and low-frequency electromagnetic phrases is fundamental. It takes place at level 3 of the cellular membranes and their immediate surroundings, and regulates the traffic of the ions and of the polar substances. When this fundamental dialogue fails to develop, the entire electromagnetic communication with the different operators in the organism is obstructed. Thereby, it is not possible to have a good reading of data, and there could occur a misinterpretation of the signals supplied by some of the "semantic operators", whose assignment is to decode the signal that has been sent.

In the area of ​​the biological effects and medical applications of electromagnetic fields, approximately 25,000 articles have been published over the past 30 years.

The human body has a wide range of frequencies if and only if the electromagnetic impulses are "coherent" with the oscillations of its elements such as atoms, electrons, tissues and organs.

The early applications of electromagnetic fields to medicine were limited to diagnostic equipment such as the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

The NMR is a diagnostic system based on the resonance phenomenon, using images, oscillating in the interval between 1 and 100 MHz. Biophysics is today used for many purposes besides diagnostics; Electromagnetic fields have been used for over 30 years in the treatment of the muscular-skeleton system and it has proven to be a non-invasive, well-tolerated method with few collateral effects and a high percentage of healing or improvement in a number of pathologies because , in many cases, it favors the regeneration of bone tissues.

In the last years it has been shown that the application of Extremely Low Frequencies helps to balance the over-stressed body and its systems; it can heal, relieve chronic pain and increase body immunity.

Studies performed in prestigious universities show that this type of therapy which uses electromagnetic field pulses of extremely low frequency, similar to cerebral waves, leads to a rise in the electric potential at a cellular membrane level.

The viruses penetrate the cell with great difficulty and their development is much reduced. Another effect noticed was the improvement of the exchange of ions at the cellular level, leading to a better aeration of the organism cells and to the dynamic enhancement of the metabolism.

Surprisingly fast and efficient recoveries were noticed in various medical dysfunctions such as chronic and acute rheumatism, headaches, insomnia, neurosis, articular pains, arthritis, osteoporosis, bone fractures, cardiovascular diseases, deficient blood 4 circulation, sexual dysfunctions, gynecological diseases, concentration inability , weather discomfort, breathing disorders, asthma, endocrine-metabolic disorders, diabetes, cancer pathogenesis, etc. By increasing the cell oxygen diffusion, favorable conditions are created in the slightly vascularized tissue for the formation of new blood vessels, and the rise of tone in the existing ones.

If the destruction of cellular respiration is considered a cause of cancer, then a high oxygen content in the cells and the supplementary activation of oxidative ferments prevents cancer and abnormal cellular mitosis.

Through the action of the pulsating electromagnetic field on the biological structures, energetic modifications take place at the cell surfaces, with the activation of the membrane exchanges, the intensification of the enzymatic processes, leading to the intensification of cellular metabolism.

The concept is extremely innovative. The results are definitely positive and represent an extraordinary new scientific approach for the solution of many pathologies. The future developments of modern Medicine, and we believe also of modern Cosmetology, will increase the use of products and devices based on ultra-weak electromagnetic fields: they are identifiable with specific frequencies which will create resonance with organs or cells of the human organism.

Prof. Piergiorgio Spaggiari - Physicist and Medical Doctor, Specialized in Sports Medicine. - Laurea Honoris Causa First People Hospital of Shanghai. - Laurea Honoris Causa in Quantum Medicine, Odessa Medical State University - Former Professor of Biophysics and Medicine at the La Sapienza University in Rome and the State University in Milan. - Former head of the Research Department at the Advanced Biomedical Technology Research at the Italian CNR (National Research Council). - Former General Director of the South Lombardia Hospitals. - Author of "Medicina Quantistica" (Quantum Medicine).

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